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Finding a Self-Help Group That’s Right for You

Finding a Self-Help Group That’s Right for You Self-help groups have a great history of getting people the help that they need. They often help with mental health issues, mental illnesses, and addiction problems. Many people get comfort out of knowing that they aren’t the only one in the world suffering, so they look to…More

What is Anxiety?

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is basically worry that never stops. Its symptoms can be severe or mild, and include emotional, physical, and/or psychological manifestations. Here are some of the symptoms and possible causes of anxiety. Symptoms and Manifestations -Abdominal ProblemsAnxiety can cause pain in your abdomen. Anxiety can also cause nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea. Have…More

What You Can Do to Help a Lonely Neighbor

What You Can Do to Help a Lonely Neighbor If your neighbor seems depressed or more isolated than usual, they may very well be suffering from loneliness. Chronic loneliness has the potential to affect anyone. The condition is the result of many things – some of them major, such as job loss or a family…More


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