Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Look up this week! A Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse will grace our skies as our natural satellite appears bigger and redder than usual

The full moon that occurs in May is known as the Flower Moon as flowers bloom

A total lunar eclipse is referred to as a Blood Moon due its more reddish colour

When the Moon is full and at its closest point to Earth it is called a Super Moon

When a Super Moon occurs alongside an eclipse it is a Super Blood Moon


Next week a super moon will combine with a lunar eclipse, causing our natural satellite to appear bigger and redder than usual, according to astronomers.

The Super Blood Moon, called that as the total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth, will reach its peak brightness at 23:32 BST on May 26.

The eclipse will be start at 12:18 BST on May 26, but won’t be visible from the UK as the moon will be below the horizon.

However, skygazers across much of the US, Australia and parts of South America can witness the moon turn red for 14 minutes.

According to the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the next partial lunar eclipse to be barely visible from the UK is in November, followed by a total lunar eclipse in 2022.

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