Control in lucid dreaming

Learning to control your dreams is a vital part of lucid dreaming. Basically, you can do anything in your dream by using a following some simple steps for dream control. They are as follow:

1. How to have flying dreams

It is not easy to control flying dreams, one of the most common dreams around because it is not in your usual normal routine in real life. Thus, the conscious brain can have trouble believing it. To nurture this belief and have wonderful flying dreams, start by hopping or bouncing along the dreamscape, gradually allowing yourself to get higher. Keep in mind that it is only a dream and you cannot get hurt. A flying aid can be used; for example an helicopter or sitting on the back of a giant eagle.

2. How to change the scenery

The most important thing is to truly believe that the scenery will change. Do not let your subconscious mind battle with the logic of your conscious mind. Make it a habit to say to yourself “this is a dream” every now and then so you don’t lose lucidity, and you will soon learn that anything is possible. You can try picturing a dream door or mirror that acts as a portal to your next scene.

3. How to Travel Through Time

There are two methods to change scenery and move towards a different point in space, planet or universe. First is flying up above the clouds until you cannot see the ground below, visualise the time and place you want to arrive at and then descent back down through the clouds. The second is to picture yourself in a time machine that can travel through time.

4. How to Find dream objects

One important technique to master is visualization. Find that dream object as you picture it; in the drawer, under the couch, in your pocket etc. To aid in rationalization, try going to places that the object can normally be found. For example food in a restaurant.

5. How to talk to your subconscious

You can communicate directly with it to gain deeper insights about yourself and how you perceive the world. One of the the simplest way to communicate with your subconscious mind is to personify it. Create a dream character (human or animal) that you are happy to talk to, and then ask them open and direct questions. You may be surprised by some of the answers it gives you.


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