At only half an acre in total size, El Campo Santo, or the holy field, is one of the smallest cemeteries you’ll find in California. About the size of a small gas station parking lot, it is comprised of white wooden crosses throughout, with certain plots boxed in by picket fences. A low brick wall serves to line its perimeter.

Built in 1849, El Campo Santo has the regrettable distinction of being located just around the corner from San Diego’s infamous Whaley House. This alone is enough to lend to the cemetery’s haunted lore; unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.

El Campo Santo used to be a much larger burial site, with many who lived during San Diego’s pre-industrial days laid to rest there. However, many of the graves were unceremoniously covered over by roads and housing in order to accommodate the ever-expanding city.

Although the cemetery is now considered a historical landmark, this status seems to do little to dissuade hauntings. Considered by many to be one of San Diego’s most haunted locations, the events that presently occur in and around El Campo Santo seem to validate the spirits’ displeasure for the disrespect they faced.

Perhaps most foreboding of all is the fact that the cemetery is home to James “Yankee Jim” Robinson. Hanged just two blocks away at the site where the Whaley House now sits, Robinson’s ghost is thought by many to regularly haunt El Campo Santo.

A Los Angeles Herald newspaper article from October 1873 gives us some more insight as to who Robinson was and why he was hanged. It reads as follows:

“In August 1852 there were three disagreeable men in San Diego, named James Robinson alias “Yankee Jim,” James Grayson Loring and William Harris.

“They hailed from the early mining camps, and soon after their arrival came information of a reliable character which pointed out Yankee Jim as a dangerous character.

“It was said that he had loafed around various mining camps, and, watching his opportunity, had pounced upon miners in out-of-the-way places, murdered them and robbed them of their gold and trinkets.

“As long as he behaved himself he was not molested here. Yankee Jim was a Canadian-Frenchman, six feet and three or four inches in height and well developed physically.

“He had anything but a prepossessing appearance and was shunned by all respectable people.”

At the time we speak of, Yankee Jim and his two companions stole a boat here in the harbor, which they afterwards deserted and turned adrift outside the Heads. Source: Archives
“It belonged to Joseph C. Stewart and Enos Wall, who found their property a few days after it was stolen, washed up on the beach a few miles down the coast.”

Not the kind of guy you’d want to meet in a dark alley, that’s for sure. The article goes on to talk about the trial and eventual execution by hanging for his theft of the boat. Interestingly, the foreman of the jury was Cave J. Couts, a name that is often brought up during San Diego ghost stories.

Couts married Ysidora Bandini, who is said to haunt what is now known as the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Before becoming a hotel, it served as the dream home built for Don Juan Bandini, who was Ysidora’s father. In an amazing twist of fate, Ysidora was one day leaning over the balcony of their home to watch a parade down below. When she leaned too far over its railing, she fell two stories and miraculously into the arms of Cave Couts, who was riding on a horse in the parade. Couts would later buy the Bandini home and turn it into a hotel.


Those who live and work around the small suburban cemetery regularly report strange happenings which can only be attributed to that of a haunting. Intermittent power outages occur without explanation, irritating those trying to live harmoniously with the dead.
Alarm systems start and stop at will, lights randomly flicker throughout homes and businesses; even their appliances will inexplicably turn on and off. Little annoyances like these are the norm while living by the El Campo Santo Cemetery.

What seems to be in connection with the paving over of the dead’s graves, car alarms will also engage and disengage without cause. Those who park their vehicles near the cemetery are often met with difficulty when trying to start them.

Numerous apparitions have been seen in and around El Campo Santo, gliding around directly above grave markers. Usually dressed in traditional 19th century attire, these ghosts are thought to be those of the Workman family who make up the majority who are buried here.

Extreme drops in temperature have been reported throughout the grounds on multiple occasions; a telltale sign of a paranormal entity present. These cold spots are almost always accompanied by flashes of light and hovering orbs.These chilling areas are said to be far more noticeable than those we have previously reported. People who have experienced them say that they are likened to suddenly walking into a freezer. This is a pretty impactful statement, as even San Diego’s coldest of months drops to just below 50°F.

On several occasions, visitors of the historic graveyard have attested to mistaking poltergeists for park employees. Upon reaching the “employee” to converse, they will suddenly vanish.
Some phantoms are seen floating around with only an upper torso – sightings that may be telling as to how the spirit died.

Many tourists have snapped pictures in and around El Campo Santo, later finding mysterious objects littered throughout their photos; objects that weren’t there previously.
An unidentified female apparition regularly glides around the south wall, sporting a white Victorian dress. She quickly dematerializes upon contact.

Reports of a Native American spirit have also been passed around. This one is said to float just an inch or two above the ground; its identity remains unknown.
Saving the best of the worst for last, the dastardly Jim “Yankee” Robinson has perhaps the darkest history of all who are buried at El Campo Santo. Overwhelming sensations are known to disturb those who wander around his grave. A tall, dark apparition thought to be his has long been seen here, standing to reason that it is indeed Robinson.

The harassment of those who live around El Campo Santo got so out of hand over the years that, in 1996, the local community got together to discuss what could be done about the mounting hauntings. After much debate, they decided the best course of action would be to employ the services of a priest.
With each member pitching in their own money, they paid for an exorcism to be performed over the cemetery. Once the exorcism was complete, they noticed a substantial drop in demonic activity. No longer are locals and tourists tormented daily as they once were.

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Why Practice Spiritual Self Care Daily?

Why Practice Spiritual Self Care Daily?

A spiritual connection is a form of routine, which helps to bring people in contact with the divine. According to a clinical study, spirituality is to seek to find meaning in life outside of the person. It is a connection to the world and to explore what one’s purpose is in the world.

What is the Difference Between Spirituality and Religion?

Both spirituality and religion share the belief that there is a divine presence or creator, ethics, and awe at our created universe. During a spiritual connection, rather than go through an established set of rituals in a social setting, the relationship is between you and the divine as you reflect and become more aware of that divine presence. A spiritual connection can be the point at which we come fully into awareness of the divine and begin to manifest our desires.

For many people, the first step towards discovering this divine presence is the discovery of the divinity within themselves. Through meditation and contemplation, the mind opens to spiritual truths, which can apply to your life. Time spent alone can awaken spirituality through listening to yourself.

Spirituality takes time to connect with the truth within yourself in the space of stillness.
Of course, the very nature of a spiritual connection is that there are no boundaries. The divine being remains transcendent and not bound by any physical reality. When we believe in the existence of that divine presence within ourselves, then we naturally feel more at ease and peace in our lives.

What is Spiritual Self Care?

Spending time in spiritual self-care encourages more connection with the divine to meet your spiritual needs. Setting up a daily or weekly routine to engage in spirituality will have multiple benefits for your wellbeing. Spiritual self-care can include any activity that helps you learn, grow, and connect with the divine by yourself or with others.

How Can We Benefit from Spiritual Self Care?

Spiritual self-care benefits your health, including mental and emotional well being. Studies show that having a belief in a divine presence is part of what increases life expectancy, reduces stress and depression, and can improve social connections.

By participating in spiritual self-care, you also form an identity with your beliefs that can increase confidence and mental well being. Finding purpose in something meaningful establishes better mental health.

What Forms of Spiritual Self Care Are There?

There are many ways of attaining a spiritual connection. We can access the universe using meditation, prayer, contemplation or journaling, nature, and reflecting on personal experience.

● Meditation can be the most empowering connection with the divine. Being able to stop ourselves from negative thoughts brings peace and the ability to make more sense of the world and our meaning in it. Without the ability to control our thoughts, our emotions could easily consume us.

● Instead of relying on logic in an attempt to control our emotions, through meditation, we can transcend chaos. Meditation allows us to let go of our thoughts to find stillness. There are many different forms of meditation. Some involve deep breathing, mindfulness, or guided exercises.

● Many people associate meditation with spirituality, but there are many more forms of spiritual self-care. If you walk in nature, the appreciation and involvement of being outdoors is a form of spiritual self-care. Walking in nature can connect you to the divine in recognition of the creation of life around you.

● Taking time to reflect on the meaning of life, your purpose, or what lessons you’ve learned from personal experiences in a journal is also a form of spiritual self-care. Reflecting in this way means that you are open to learning from the past to grow and change.

● Writing a daily gratitude entry is another form of spiritual self-care. It focuses your mind on what you appreciate in life. Gratitude is beneficial for mental health and proven to change negative thoughts to more positive ones.

Set Up a Daily or Weekly Spiritual Self-Care Routine

Taking time for a daily spiritual connection will benefit many areas of your life and help you feel more at peace and ease. Once you take time to decide what spiritual self-care you wish to participate in, be sure to keep a daily or weekly schedule to keep track of your activity.

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3 Ways to Use the Secret in Your Life

The first thing everyone wants to know after watching the move the secret is, “How do I sue the Secret?” That’s understandable because although the movie is good and it does introduce you to the law of attraction it does not quite tell you how to properly apply it to your life.

The First Step

One of the first things you can do in using the secret law of attraction in y our life is to educate yourself as much as possible on the subject of the law of attraction. Learn the very nature of the law of attraction and how it influences your life.

The core of the secret, are your thoughts which goes a lot deeper than negative verses positive thought. If you understood the truly nature of thought you would be a huge step above those who think they understand the law of attraction.

The Second Step

The second step to mastering the secret law of attraction is to get a journal and begin to write. Do you know most people have no clue what their predominant thought patters is, nor do they even know what it is that they want.

When you get a journal you can begin to explore your feelings on a much deeper level. Seeing your feelings on paper clears it up from being cluttered in your mind.

The Third Step

The third step to using the secret law of attraction is to take small inspired action towards your goals. With your new law of attraction journal you can begin to track daily every action you take that is in alignment with your goals. Its very hard for most people to be aware of the way they spend their time. When you set a specific plan and track it in your journal you have a better change of seeing how your week has gone, your month and then your year.

Much time can pass with many of us taking the same tiresome actions that get us the same lousy results again and again. Then many people say that the law of attraction did not work in their lives but actually the law of attraction did work. It simply worked to give you more of the same conditions you were creating again and again.

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Australia’s bunyip, also called a kianpraty, is the stuff of nightmares. If there was ever a creature too bizarre to be real, it would be this one.

To the people of Australia, the bunyip is more than a myth or legend; it’s a real flesh and blood creature. The huge water-dwelling monster has a taste for human flesh, especially that of women, children, and foreigners. Those who stray too close to the edge of swamps and lakes may find themselves face-to-face with the scaly snake-like feathery horned bearded killer.

Descriptions of the bunyip vary, ranging from unusual to completely bizarre. Some of the first written accounts found in the newspapers of white settlers say it had the head of a crocodile with a dog-like face, tail of a horse, tusks, horns, flippers, and sported a thick coat of dark fur.

Even stranger accounts describe the bunyip as having traits of both land- and water-dwelling animals, with long claws and powerful hind legs. Some say the creature was a water spirit that took the form of a giant starfish. Still others claim it had one large eye on its head and a mouth on its stomach.

Yet there is another side to this creature. Aborigines viewed the bunyip as a kind of protector, a punisher sent to Earth to bring justice to those who do evil. More recently, the bunyip has become a beloved monster to many of Australia’s younger generation.

A family-friendly cartoon version has graced the pages of several popular children’s books, portraying the bunyip as a weird and wonderful, cuddly, lovable friend. It’s more snuggly than scary, even if it can be a “bad” bunyip sometimes.


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What you Habitually Think Becomes Attracted to you!!

Are you frustrated with a certain area of your life? Want to make a change? You can change it as soon as you decide to change it.

You might say, “It can’t be that simple.” It really is that simple.

We must understand that what we ponder and think about sets the course for our lives, because what we ponder and think about gets magnified and becomes attracted to us. It’s “cause and effect.”

Many people will curse the effect, but continue to nourish the cause. The problem isn’t that they’re a victim, but the culprit.

Most of our current circumstances were birthed from our thoughts, and at any time we choose, we can change it all. We have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today.

If the idea of having to change yourself makes you uncomfortable, you can remain as you are, but then you would have no right to complain.

Make a decision right now. Change that area of your life you want to change.


Start by making a list of the things you habitually say about your undesirable circumstance. Get help from someone who knows you well. Ask him or her what negative things you say regularly. And be open minded!

Don’t get mad at them for telling you the truth. I will promise you that you are saying things you don’t realize you’re saying!

Once you have your list of verbal garbage, make another list that contains positive, faith filled sentences that are directly opposite.

Don’t worry about whether these new sentences are true or not. It makes no difference. Your subconscious mind does not distinguish true from false. It only accepts the information you give it.

Now what you want to do is burn this new programming into your mind. Read and confess it everyday.

Remember, what we ponder and think about sets the course for our lives, because what we ponder and think about gets magnified and becomes attracted to us.

Cause and effect says, “Think repetitive thoughts, reap their physical manifestations.”

Again, if you’re frustrated with a certain area of your life and you want to make a change, you can change it as soon as you decide to change it. You must start by changing your thoughts and what you say about it.




The Mysterious Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis

The human need for belonging can be both powerful and blinding. Many religious organizations and other institutions owe at least part of their success to people’s inherent drive to come together in pursuit of a higher purpose. Among such organizations, secret societies and cults often take the media spotlight for their exclusionary and secretive practices.

The precise definition of a cult depends on who you ask, but they almost always have a charismatic leader who preaches unorthodox beliefs and has rigid systems of control in place. From the suicidal cult of Heaven’s Gate to the Keith Raniere-founded NXIVM, a sex cult that engaged in human trafficking, both cults and secret societies can be dark and debilitating institutions.

Perhaps one of the most curious known secret societies is the Ordo Templi Orientis (or “Order of the Temple of the East”), an occult organization. Shrouded in secrecy, the O.T.O. dates back to the early 20th century. It can be traced back to occultists Carl Kellner, Heinrich Klein, Franz Hartmann, and Theodor Reuss, although the exact origins remain difficult to ascertain.

The O.T.O. was notably modeled after Freemasonry principles, including the Masonic Templar organizations. But when author and occultist Aleister Crowley became a member, his influence grew and the O.T.O took on a life of its own. The organization reordered itself under Crowley’s belief system, Thelema—a philosophy and new religious movement with roots in sex magic, or ritual sexual activity.
In 1913, Crowley developed the Gnostic Mass as the O.T.O.’s “central ceremony of its public and private celebration.” Crowley’s influence upon the organization would continue to blossom, and he was soon living primarily off of member dues and donations.

Once someone is initiated into the O.T.O. by taking part in various ritualistic activities, they are expected to participate in the Gnostic Mass and the initiation of the Mysteries. The rituals utilize secret techniques involving masturbation and other sexual activity. It’s all based around Crowley’s The Book of the Law, written in 1904. The book was inspired by Crowley’s vacation to Cairos, where he claimed he was visited by a deity named Aiwass.

The O.T.O. hosts everything from lectures to classes to social events. It’s a truly intriguing secret organization that has edged into the spotlight over the years. However, unlike some organizations that thrive on a sense of community, O.T.O. members are encouraged to keep to themselves and almost never come in contact with one other.

Crowley wrote in his book, Magick Without Tears: “Even after affiliation, you would not meet anyone unless it were necessary for you to work in cooperation with them. I am afraid you have still got the idea that the Great Work is a tea-party. Contact with other students only means that you criticize their hats, and then their morals; and I am not going to encourage this. Your work is not anybody else’s; and undirected chatter is the worst poisonous element in a humane society.”

Interestingly, the organization values secrecy more than socialization. Crowley and the occultist founders might not have wanted the O.T.O. to be so visible. Yet nowadays, it seems like some of the most popular (and richest) celebrities are in fact members…even if they won’t admit it.

Like fodder for the conspiracy theorist, many top-tier celebrities are seemingly connected to the secret organization. Rockstar and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has incorporated O.T.O. iconography and symbolism in the band’s music. For the astute eye, Aleister Crowley himself can be found on the cover of The Beatles’ album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Thelemic influences and references can be found in both George Lucas’s Star Wars Trilogy and Stanley Kubrick’s erotic thriller film, Eyes Wide Shut. Rapper and business entrepreneur Jay-Z uses O.T.O. symbols in his Rocawear fashion brand.
Other celebrities that have allegedly alluded to the O.T.O.—be it Crowley’s principles, Thelemic iconography, or O.T.O. philosophies—include Sting, Russell Brand, Beyoncé, David Bowie, Kanye West, Madonna, Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, and more. It’s unclear whether some of these references are unintentional, or if they’re purposely harnessed to create an undercurrent of intrigue. The uncertainty alone is enough to drive anyone mad.

Everywhere you look, O.T.O. influence is just around the corner. Forget the allegations about Freemasons and the Illuminati running the country; what about the O.T.O.?

Right when it seems like the intrigue is about to fade, whispers about the O.T.O surface again. Just take a look at one of its chapter houses in New Orleans, which was recently listed on Zillow. This impressive two-story home is draped in gorgeous hardwood floors and is fitted with top-tier appliances… as well as O.T.O. symbols built into its windows, door frames, and more.

Ordo Templi Orientis sets itself apart by being extremely secretive and, in doing so, maintains an elitist and exclusive membership. No wonder conspiracy theorists claim that many celebrities are involved in the order: It’s too much of an irresistible and powerful role to play. The O.T.O. feels like it should exist entirely in a thrilling, far more exotic fictional reality. If only we could sit in on a ritual or two.

Top 3 Goals you Need to Set

  1. Improve Your Physical Health

How in the world are you going to reach any goals with bad health? Remember when you had that cold, fever or aching back? Were you in any kind of mood to work on your life goals?

I don’t think so. But when you start eating healthy and working out, all kinds of energy comes flooding in and whether it’s painting a room or starting a business, good physical health makes goals much easier to attain. So get off your butt and start taking care of your body. Good things will follow. Goals will be reached.

  1. Improve Your Mental Health

Living in a culture that bombards us with information, advertisements and infinite choice, as well as inflicting us with downsizing and other incredible job stressors, is taking a huge negative toll on our societies health. We are living in an age of chronic stress.

All these stressors create enormous mind chatter and reducing this mind chatter is key. It’s important to realize that this mind chatter takes us away from the present moment. We end up worrying instead of enjoying the world around us.

Try this. Take a grape and pop it in your mouth. Roll it around and feel the texture – taste that sweet juice. This is called practicing mindfulness. Living in the present moment. Conscious reflection. Meditation. The more you are able to reduce that useless mind chatter, the more you live in the present moment and experience calmness and peace. A little conscious reflection or meditation is astonishingly powerful. Try it.

  1. Improve Your Financial Health

Money makes our world go around. We like money. There is nothing wrong with money. Money is our friend. The only time that money inflicts pain upon us is when we owe it. And why do we owe it? Because we live beyond our means.

Because it is easy to get credit. Because our entire capitalistic society is on a treadmill of endless consumerism. Having good finances means freedom, control and increased opportunity. Bad finances provide handcuffs, stress, worry and no opportunity. So the choice is clear. Forget about status symbols and keeping up with the neighbors. It’s simple when it comes down to good financial health. Live within you means. That’s it. Let me repeat myself. Live with your means.


Throughout history, mystics believed that certain regions of the world just naturally attract paranormal energy. Sometimes the energy is beneficial, other times, it’s overwhelmingly negative. These areas go under many different names, but most paranormal researchers these days simply call them vortexes.
People who live near or inside vortex areas rarely ever live totally normal lives. In many cases, seeing flying saucers, ghosts, or strange animals just is another part of everyday life. When you’re around a vortex, the paranormal stops being a “maybe” and starts just becoming an unexplainable fact of life.
If you’ve ever wondered what happens to regions associated with paranormal activity, this article discussing vortexes will shed some light on to the strangest places in the world.

A vortex is the umbrella term for an area that seems to have multiple realities overlap, or where the veil between the normal and paranormal is exceptionally thin. By default, vortexes attract paranormal & spiritual energy and seem to cause paranormal entities to arrive in this world.
No one knows what makes a vortex happen, though there are some areas that seem to have gained their paranormal vibe after serious tragedies occurred there. Others, however, seem to be located on ley lines, while still more just have always been that way without any knowing rhyme or reason.
There are many places around the world that are already famous for being vortexes of one type or another, including these areas of high strangeness:

Skinwalker Ranch

Sedona, Arizona

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky

The Bermuda Triangle

Not all vortexes come with a major reputation for hauntings online. Some are smaller pockets of strangeness found inside homes or in forests. If you’ve been noticing a lot of strange behaviors around your area, you might have a vortex on your hands.

If it’s paranormal, chances are that you will be able to see it happen in a vortex. Everything from ghostly apparitions to demonic encounters, to strange disappearances, UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, and more can be seen in a vortex.

That being said, vortexes tend to lean towards one type of activity over others, most of the time. So, there are vortexes that deal with mostly UFO activities, or ghosts, or even just strange sightings of animals that don’t exist.

Living near a vortex isn’t something most people will ever experience, but it’s something that’s remarkably hard to ignore. Even passing through a vortex can be a pretty terrifying (or just mind-expanding) ordeal. If you’re not sure what’s going on, watch for these signs below.
The area has a weird vibe around it.

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not you’re near a vortex is the energy in your area. Generally speaking, a strange vibe that you can’t fully explain should be reason to wonder what’s going on there.

A vortex has similar energy to a haunted house, but often will have it be much stronger. People who are sensitive to energy tend to feel like they’re being watched while near one, like they’re being pulled towards a certain location, or like there’s something sinister urging them to leave.

What’s interesting is that the vibe around vortexes isn’t always menacing or strange. Sometimes, such as the energy around Sedona, the vortex is a positive one. If you feel like there’s an overwhelming feeling of peace around you, you could be dealing with an angelic vortex.

There are a lot of hauntings and strange occurrences reported in the area, despite the place having little to no history of tragedy.

Vortexes are strange in the way they work when compared to regular haunted locations. Regular hauntings usually have a single ghost or a set of paranormal phenomena that’s related to a specific event. Vortexes typically don’t have an event tied to them. Rather, they’re just “there,” and no one knows why areas behave that way.

You didn’t just experience one type of paranormal or spiritual activity in the area.
With a regular haunted space, you will see one type of activity: ghostly activity. Sure, it might vary when it comes to the type of ghostly or spiritual activity, but it’s pretty much clear that it’s from a ghost or two haunting the area.

When you’re dealing with a vortex, the area might have sightings of ghosts…and UFOs. Or, they may have sightings of fairies, ghosts, and Bigfoot. Or, in the case of Waverly Hills, it could be a high level of ghostly activity, as well as some creatures that seem more demonic than they do ghostly.
The area in question seems to attract entities to it.

Like attracts like, which is why paranormal entities tend to congregate together. This seems to be a cause for many vortex creations. A lot of vortexes will have multiple hauntings on the property, despite having little to no history involving the paranormal tied to it.

Electrical and magnetic equipment acts strangely when you’re there.

For reasons unbeknownst to man, vortexes (and paranormal activity in general) make electrical equipment malfunction. In the Bermuda Triangle, compasses regularly stop being able to point north. At Skinwalker Ranch, equipment would regularly fail and batteries would drain in an instant.
Paranormal researchers believe that the unknown gains power from electricity and magnetism. Needless to say, if electrical equipment keeps dropping dead regardless of what you’re doing, you might be in a vortex.

People tend to make remarks about the area you’re in.

This is true with both hauntings and vortex areas, but it still remains worth saying. People tend to pick up on the strange vibes and situations tied to a specific location. If the area is really linked to a lot of weird stuff, they’ll start talking about it.

The difference you’ll notice between how people discuss vortexes and how they discuss hauntings deals with the way they warn others about the activity. With a vortex, people don’t usually just say it’s “haunted.” They will say something a little more vague, usually along the lines of, “Something just isn’t right there.”

You’ve experienced things that you’ve never even heard of before in this area.
It’s hard to fully figure out why, but vortex energy has a weird way of creating (or encouraging) paranormal phenomena that is beyond anything most people have heard of. A regular paranormal area might have UFO activity or ghosts, but it still will fall into the realm of “typical weird.”
When you’re in a vortex, you’ll see things that you’ve never even heard of. You might see creatures appear from portals in another dimension. You might see creatures that defy physics. You might also see “ghosts” that don’t really act the way they’re supposed to. Vortexes are literally a whole new level of weird.

Even when you don’t experience something paranormal, you can’t help but feel like something was going to happen.

In many vortexes, the energy throughout the area seems almost intelligent. To a point, it even can feel like it takes a certain pleasure in messing with people. While this sign might just be you “psyching” yourself out, but it also can be a sign that the energy in the area is actually wondering whether or not it wants to interact with you.

You had a case of missing time, or moments where people simply couldn’t see you, even when you’re nearby.

Some vortexes actually seem to act like gateways into another dimension. This sometimes causes entities from other realms to come out into your own, but it also can lead to a temporary slip into another world for people.

Most of the people who’ve experienced this seem to just vanish on their own for a short period of time, even when they were around others when they went missing. Those who experienced it often claim to be unable to remember where they were or claim to see parts of the place that don’t exist.
Plantlife and wildlife seem to be affected by the energy.

The energy in a vortex is powerful, really powerful. In fact, it’s so powerful, nature seems to react in strange ways to it. Trees might grow twisted, plants might die out, and animals seem to act strangely without any natural trigger nearby.

The more surreal the natural surroundings tend to be, the more likely it is that you are in a vortex.
You feel or hear a strange hum throughout the area.

Though this doesn’t happen with everyone, people who are sensitive to energy have a physical reaction to it from time to time. This reaction often feels like a low-level vibration, almost to the point that you might feel it in your body.

In rarer cases, people who enter into a vortex might actually hear the vibration. It’s likened to a deep hum, buzz, murmur, or a tinnitus-like feeling that doesn’t seem to come from anything around you. You might even say that the area is “buzzing” with paranormal activity.

New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus May 11/21
NEW MOON 🌑 ! New Moon in Taurus, Means no matter what sign you are, This is the beginning of a new cycle, and this is a GREAT time to commit to some personal goals you’ve not made a move on.
This new moon may illuminate where you’ve been feeling stuck.
New moons represent the beginning of a cycle
The new moon offers an energizing and exciting time to recalibrate your energy for the upcoming cycle and bring a upgraded level of consciousness to the dreams you long to make a reality.

Write your list.
Take out a sheet of paper and write the date and the following:
This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned. This statement gives the universe permission to substitute as needed to keep your manifestation karma super clean and clear.
Next write a list of what you want to manifest. Remember, 10 items tops! Be sure to write your statements in positive and affirming language, “I am” and not “I need” or “I want.” Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

This sounds basic but in the beginning it can be a little challenging, especially if you are accustomed to spending lots of energy thinking about what you don’t want.
Allow yourself to dream really really big here. If that little voice of judgement creeps in, acknowledge it and get back to your list. This can be part of the manifesting process, especially when you’re asking for something huge. Go for it.

One of the big keys to writing your list is to getting into how each item FEELS.
Truly listen to your heart. Spend time feeling into each item as you write it down. If it isn’t resonating with you 100% do not put it on your list.

Part of this practice is learning to feel as if you already have what you want, this is basic Law of Attraction, if you can feel it with your entire body it will be more likely to come into reality.
When your list is complete spend 10-15 minutes meditating on it.
Go through each item one at a time and focus on how it feels in your body and how it will feel once you have manifested it.

Once you have gone through your list let your attachment to your intentions go and settle into the curiosity of how the universe is conspiring to make your dreams come true.
It’s a wonderful practice at the end of your meditation to say to the universe that you are freeing yourself from clinging to your wishes and that you are grateful and excited for what is to come.


Have you ever taken a photo of your family on vacation or friends around a campfire and discovered an unexplainable speck of light in the background? There is a lot of speculation as to what these orbs of light might be, but many believe that they indicate a visit from a spirit or angel. Although there isn’t exactly scientific evidence to back it up, the idea that a friendly (or maybe not-so-friendly) spirit is in your presence can be understood by learning more about common beliefs of the paranormal world. If you’re interested in knowing what orbs of light actually are, how to spot them, and what they mean, then keep on reading.

If you take that example of a photograph with specks of light overlapping the image, you could be looking at one of two things. The technology of a camera involves light bouncing off objects in front of it, refracting and creating the image that gives you that cherished memory in the form of a photograph. Now, these orbs of light sometimes appear if there happens to be dust particles floating around in the air, or if the lens on your camera isn’t clean. If this is the case, the speck will probably be blurred and undefined, not actually “orb” shaped.

Spiritual orbs of light are essentially defined as electromagnetic fields with their own energies, which allow them to materialize as a very faint light source. In other words, spirits use orbs almost as a means of transportation to travel from their world into ours. Normally, they are travelling too quickly to see with the naked eye, which is why we often catch them in photographs or on film.
If the orb is a spiritual or angelic force visiting our earthly dimension, you’ll be able to tell by the shape of the orb. It’s common to find angelic orbs with geometric shapes woven inside the circular structure, kind of like a snowflake. They are also unique in that way, which may help you identify a spirit if you encounter her more than once. The circular structure is not actually a spherical orb, but more of a flat disk. Some believe the circle represents the eternal nature of spirits, as these shapes have been associated with angels for the same reason.

Understanding the paranormal relies often on first-hand experiences. The cool thing about cameras these days is that we don’t need to wait a week for the film to develop at the drugstore. You can take a photo and instantly see the image, which puts you in a great position if you’re lucky enough to catch a spiritual orb of light in your viewfinder. If you discover an orb of light right away, that spirit may still be in the area with you. There are a couple of things you can focus on in order to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Your emotions. You can think about how you were feeling before you took the photo and the energy of your environment. You might be feeling calm and at peace, maybe even a little joyful. Or you may have been feeling some anxiety or uneasiness that you couldn’t explain. Look at the emotions and reactions of people around you. Maybe someone mentions a chill running down his spine, or hair standing up at the back of her neck. Spirits are already in tune with your emotions and some have the ability to heighten them. These are things that can help identify that it is, indeed, a spiritual orb of light you have encountered.

Your location. Of course, if you and your friends head out on a ghost-hunting adventure to a location believed to be haunted, you are already predisposed to discovering some paranormal evidence. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your presence might attract spirits, especially if a significant event happened at that location. For example, if you visit a battlefield from the Civil War, you may encounter spirits of soldiers still roaming the grounds where they and their comrades passed in battle. This is a type of location that has a lot of residual energy, which may bring spirits in the form of light orbs to perhaps ask for help in moving on. It doesn’t have to be a haunted or historical location to see spiritual activity. On a lighter note, it’s believed that spirits enjoy participating in celebrations, so the orb of light in the photo of your child’s first birthday party might be a relative that passed on and wishes to join you on this special day.

Those who can see and feel auras from the people around them describe the experience as seeing a certain color, or combination of colors. This is also true when describing orbs of light. Again, you’ll want to make sure you’re viewing a spiritual orb and not a dust particle, but color can also help you make the distinction. The color of an orb can be understood as the aura or emotion the spirit felt before leaving the physical world, as well as the emotion they wish to convey to you as a part of their message. There are many interpretations regarding which colors represent which type of spirit, but most are in agreement as far as friendly versus malevolent spirits.

This color orb generally represents the most holy, wholesome, and pure spirits. Many believe a white orb indicates your guardian angel is present, as angels are believed to travel to earth through beams of light. White orbs have also been interpreted as being spirits that are trapped in our earthly world, and might be asking for your guidance in crossing over.

A blue orb of light tends to indicate power or protection. Blue is usually referred to as a calming color, which may be interpreted as a spirit at peace. Some believe blue orbs materialize to show that spirits are watching over you, or even that you have a spirit guide giving you direction in that moment.
Pink or Red. Seeing a red orb might initially seem intimidating or malevolent, but it tends to be quite the opposite. Pink and red orbs of light are warm colors and are associated with spirits offering love, peace, and safety. They are often seen surrounding children, perhaps acting as a motherly or fatherly figure from another dimension.

This color orb brings with it a very happy, cheerful aura. Yellow orbs, similarly to blue orbs, are used to identify guiding spirits. These spirits wish to offer you wisdom, perhaps if you need to make a difficult decision or simply need a sign of encouragement.

If you come across a green orb of light, you may be encountering a spirit that wishes you healing and prosperity. Maybe you or someone you love needs some extra support in healing from a disease or illness, mental or physical. Green orbs are also indicative of nature, meaning the spirit is trying to communicate a love for the natural world. Usually, green orbs of light are human spirits that have once lived on earth.

Gray or Brown. Similarly to a red orb, a gray or brown orb might conjure some feelings of fear or malevolence at first glance. Brown orbs have been known to signal unsafety, whether that be referring to the location or your actions. These are not necessarily bad spirits, but paying attention to your emotions and heeding their warning is probably in your best interest.

Becoming aware of a spiritual orb’s presence, whether it be by film or by your own eyes, can be very overwhelming. It all depends on your comfort level when deciding whether or not to communicate or acknowledge the spirit attached to the orb of light. A weaker spirit would not be able to materialize in this way, so you will know you are in the presence of a more powerful spirit if you’re witnessing an orb. As you can gather based on the breakdown of different colored orbs, you may be able to understand what the spirit is trying to communicate. Other times, spirits are just passing by to let you know they are there with you and have no immediate message to give.

The only time you might want to take action, whether it be to leave the location or shoo the spirits, is if you feel any uneasiness or fear. No matter what color the orb, you should always focus on your feelings and sensations first. Malevolent spirits may occasionally disguise themselves as white orbs, which is why your personal experience is so important to consider.

If you ever feel afraid or unsafe in the presence of the orb, you can close your eyes and visualize the orb disappearing. You should also try to minimize these uneasy feelings, as a malevolent spirit may take advantage of your fear by making it stronger. By following these steps and leaving the location, you will feel a sense of peace as the orb disappears.

Experiencing a spirit from a world beyond our own is not something we encounter many times in our lives. Whether it’s a visit from a loved one or a soul trapped within our physical world, understanding our experience will help us and others interpret our lives in a different way.

Now that you know what orbs of light actually are and what they mean, you can have fun considering what your orb of light may look like to others once you pass over. You can use the knowledge you’ve gained to help you communicate with your loved ones from the other side, which will ultimately help all souls and spirits become closer than ever.